New 6.5” Longleaf Seedling

 New 6.5″ High Capacity Long Leaf Seedlings!

Regular 6″ seedling shown on top and our new 6.5″ high capacity seedling on bottom. See the difference!

6.5 Inch Deep Longleaf Seedling Container


We are proud to announce we have designed and put in production a new 6.5 inch deep low density container for our longleaf pine seedling production. Each cell has a capacity of 8.2 cubic inches of soil to insure a larger root system and collar diameter for a superior stand of trees. With the larger root system and collar the seedlings should have a much better survival rate compared to those with shorter plugs.

For the 2018-2019 longleaf crop we will have a limited number of these superior seedlings available. However we will be increasing our production each year until we reach our maximum capacity.

We have been growing longleaf seedlings in a 6 inch deep container for years with much success. This is the same container many other nurseries advertise as being the “deepest on the market”. However, our new 6.5 inch deep seedling container will be hard to beat! Call us today!

The new 6.5in Seedling Tray