Bad News and Good News

No one likes to hear bad news but here it comes. We have sold out of container grown longleaf pine seedlings for this year. Last year caught many folks were caught off guard when all the container longleaf nurseries sold out of seedlings. We had calls up until the end but unfortunaly we could not sell what we did not have. This year, anticipating a shortage, calls starting coming in March and our seedlings were quickly booked up. Again, we wish we had more. If you did not get the seedling you needed, here is the good news.

We will be starting all over come March 1 of 2018. We are ordering seed now and making plans for our next crop. We expect another good year so please get your order in early. We will actually start taking orders this fall so there is no need to wait.

We want to thank all our loyal and new customers for helping us sell out two years in a row. We look forward to serving your longleaf planting needs for many years to come!

Bennett Whitfield – Owner